Enhancing mental wellbeing through home decor


The enhancement of mental wellbeing through home decor is the most important consideration in designing a space. It is creating spaces with intention, mindfulness which can provide emotional safety, well-being, and positive emotional experiences for individuals and families. 

Here, let’s explore the key elements of design that play a unique role in shaping our mental state, including:

  • functionality
  • clutter management
  • space planning
  • balance
  • consistency
  • natural sunlight
  • colors
  • shapes
  • textures
  • greenery
  • natural elements and
  • nature-inspired designs.

All the design elements are based on the connection between our human senses, how we perceive it and natural elements

We will go beyond the physical aspects of home decor, look into creating spaces that nurture positive emotions and promote mental wellness.

So, join me as we learn the power of interior design in enhancing mental wellbeing and discover how you can create harmonious living spaces that contribute to a healthier and happier mindset!

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The key elements of home decor that Influence Mental Health



Space Planning: Optimization of the space

floor plan for space planning

Remember, creating a mental health-boosting home is a journey, not a destination. Start with small changes that you can easily create and gradually build upon your progress.

Allow yourself to experiment and discover what works best for you. It will take time to figure out your style, preference, and what makes you feel comfortable. 

The most important part is planning out your current space that works for all at home. Always start this with a big “why“!

  • Why are you changing the space
  • What is the purpose and
  • How do you want the space to make you feel!

Once you have the answer, it is easy to figure out how to plan the layout for furniture placement, all the decor elements, how the space flows into other parts of your home.

This will help in creating positive energy flow throughout the space to reduce stress and improve your mood! 


Art of using Colors: Hues for Harmony

Paint palette for home decor

Choosing colors for any part of your home in itself plays a major part in transforming the whole space to create harmony, wellness and relaxation.

Colors play a significant role in setting the mood of a space.

  • Warm tones like red and yellow evoke energy and creativity, while
  • Cooler tones such as blue and green promote relaxation and concentration. 

The colors and use of lighting in a room go hand in hand. The presence of natural light, adding your own light whether it compliments a cool tone or warm tone in a particular room plays a key role in selecting colors that can create a harmonious and soothing environment.

Where to use a particular color also depends on the direction of the room, and how much natural light you get and again the purpose of the room!

For a deeper dive into color psychology, hop on here.


Personalization of space: Crafting your world

Personalizing your space, kids room

A  very important part of the home decor is making the decor and space work for YOU! It should reflect who you are and what makes you thrive in that space.

Home decor and creating any personal spaces are very individualistic to the person who is using the space.

I suggest you ditch all the trends and look at what makes you feel comfortable, safe, “at home“, and makes you happy!

Craft your own world, make your home a reflection of your unique personality and interests.

Surround yourself with objects that bring you joy and evoke positive memories. This will create a sense of belonging and comfort in your own space.


The power of decluttering: From chaos to calm

Before and after of decluttering

Clutter can be very overwhelming and increases stress and anxiety. This is particularly very true for me! I get extremely overwhelmed, irritated and my mind will be all over the place.

Getting rid of unnecessary items and creating organized spaces can help to clear your mind and promote a sense of calm. 

As I said before, start small with decluttering, have as much storage as possible for everything to go into its own space.

Create drop zones, I understand everybody can not just throw everything and make it look like a magazine cover when actual people are living there!

Giving a few minutes everyday to declutter can ultimately create a space which is easy to organize and maintain without getting overwhelmed.

This in turn can help in clarity and focus!

For tips on decluttering strategies, hop on here.


Natural elements for balance : Bringing Nature indoors

Sunlight through the window and plants

Adding natural elements, nature inspired elements into home decor can definitely boost our mood, creating a soothing environment.

The combination of bringing in:

  • natural light
  • greenery
  • water elements
  • using wood and stones can create a balance to the environment.

Plants not only purify the air and add a touch of life, but they also have a calming effect on our minds. Studies have shown that interacting with plants can reduce stress, boost concentration. 

To learn more about bringing nature inside and the concept of biophilic design, hop on here.

Adding all the strategies above will definitely help you make your home into a relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating space!

Remember, your home is a reflection of you, and it should be a space that nourishes your mind, body, and soul. So, experiment, explore, and let your creativity flow. Meanwhile enjoy the process to enhance your mental wellbeing through home decor!



Connection between Home decor and Mental health


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