Master bedroom with picture frame moulding

It’s already the week 2 of One Room Challenge! If you have not heard of ORC, it is a semi annual Interior design event where featured and guest participants transform a room of their choice. This event is in it’s 20th season which celebrates creativity, inspiration and their original ideas.

The ORC was started by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home, and Better Homes & Gardens is the official media sponsor. The event is for 8 weeks where I’ll be sharing my Master bedroom makeover in my home.  

This week I’m in the complete chaotic stage of getting things together for the accent wall behind the bed in our Master bedroom! As I type this, today I finally got the trim and wainscoting materials to begin the wall moulding. Now the question is whether to do the picture frame moulding with big rectangles or many squares similar to wainscoting style picture frames on the whole wall! That is the only wall I’m planning to do moulding on.

The walls are white now as opposed to the previous grey. I’m still debating on the kind of paint I want to use on the wall for green. I’m leaning towards chalk paint because of less toxicity, but finding the color I want is a challenge now! I’ll figure out as I go ahead with the project in the coming weeks. 

This week I’m planning to finish the moulding and painting the accent wall. I will definitely share the process of how to choose the right shade of paint color once this project is done. Yes, even for white, it took a lot of thinking trying out different shades, brands and the direction of the room :). 

Here is the sample of what I’m planning to do this week in this space.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom with picture frame moulding

This is only for the reference! The nightstands, light fixture everything will change as I go forward with the makeover. If you want to know the plan for the whole bedroom, follow ORC Fall 2021 – Week 1.

I will add more details going forward with each post. Next week I’ll share the plan for the closet door makeover! Be sure to follow along the progress here on the blog and on my Instagram! For more design inspiration, don’t forget to follow the other participants on the ORC blog.

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