Living room/entryway mood board

I’m so excited to participate in One Room Challenge again as a guest participant this Fall! If you have not heard of ORC, it is an Interior design event where a great community of participants transform a room of their choice. This event celebrates creativity, inspiration and their original ideas.

The ORC was started by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home. The event is for 8 weeks where I’ll be sharing a very eclectic Living room/entryway makeover! This is the third time I’m participating in the event. If you are interested you can follow my previous ORC projects Fun Colorful Girl’s room and Cozy Master bedroom here.

I have been thinking of this makeover for a very long time! I wanted this to be colorful, warm and inviting yet practical for the family. There is no separate entryway in our home. The main door opens directly into the living room. Also this is the only living space we have which serves both as a family room/living room. I want to make sure we have some sort of separation between the entrance and the sitting area by using paint and few furniture pieces.

The color palette came from my home country India! This was completely inspired by the traditional colors of silk sarees from south India and what it represents! I have always been drawn to traditional and earthy colors like terracotta, mustards, deep greens and blues. Let’s see how I can bring the essence in my design in this space!

Here are the before photos of our Living room/entryway

Before of entryway

Before living room

As you can see, before color was light grey and we got the whole house painted in white before moving in. I always like to keep the base neutral and bring in colors, textures, layers into my design through paint, furniture, textiles and art. I’m still in the process of sourcing few furniture pieces, finding the right color and going back and forth about the DIY’s I want to do.

Living room/entryway mood board

Above is the mood board for reference for the upcoming projects I’m planning to do!

Here are the things I’m planning to do.

  • Paint the entry wall in shade of mustard
  • Hang mirrors, hooks and more details on the wall
  • Paint the sofa table 
  • Paint the fireplace
  • DIY frame for Frame TV
  • DIY blanket ladder

I’m sure there are many other projects and details that will be added as I go along with the project.

I will add more details going forward with each post. Next week I’ll share the plan for each week. Be sure to follow along the progress here on the blog and on my Instagram! For more design inspiration, don’t forget to follow the other participants on the ORC blog.


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