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DIY Tulle Christmas Tree Cone

DIY Tulle Christmas Tree Cone

LEARN HOW TO MAKE THIS DIY TULLE CHRISTMAS TREE CONE WITH RUFFLED TULLE ROLES FOR THE HOLIDAYS! I have been experimenting with how to use the tulle around the paper mache cones to make this DIY Tulle Christmas tree cone for awhile! I have seen so many people tying the tulle pieces around a pole […] Read more…

DIY Velvet Christmas tree cone

DIY velvet Christmas tree cone

LEARN HOW TO MAKE THIS DIY VELVET CHRISTMAS TREE CONE FOR THE HOLIDAYS! This DIY Velvet Christmas Tree Cone is one of the simplest holiday decor you can make for small spaces! If you have velvet ribbons, you can make this in 15 mins. If you like to look at other simple Christmas tree cones […] Read more…


DIY Rainbow Weaving

LEARN HOW TO MAKE RAINBOW WEAVING WITH TASSELS TO DECORATE YOUR HOME! This DIY Rainbow Weaving With Tassels was made with my daughter during quarantine to go with the DIY Rainbow tassel wreath in her play area. I have seen so many beautiful colorful weavings and monochromatic ones, I definitely want to make a big […] Read more…