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Valentine’s day craft

DIY Honeycomb Paper Heart

Honeycomb paper heart

LEARN HOW TO MAKE THIS SIMPLE DIY HONEYCOMB PAPER HEART TO DECORATE YOUR SPACE! I wanted to make this DIY honeycomb paper heart for Valentine’s day! It is super simple, small and cute to make. My daughter is carrying this with her everywhere now! It is great for small spaces. I definitely want to make […] Read more…

Valentine’s day craft for kids

Material for heart glitter card

FOLLOW ALONG FOR A FUN GLITTERY VALENTINE’S DAY CRAFT FOR KIDS TO MAKE! This is a very simple Valentine’s day craft for kids to make. Who doesn’t love heart and glitter! My daughter wanted to make these for all her classmates for Valentine’s day. I know glitter can get little messy, If you do the […] Read more…

Heart paper fan tutorial

Heart Paper Fan Tutorial

LEARN HOW TO MAKE HEART PAPER FAN FOR A PARTY, WALL ART, CARDS AND MORE WITH THE FREE PATTERN FOR YOU TO USE! I’m obsessed with the paper fans out there! So many colors, patterns and materials. I have used circle paper fans for many of my parties. All of them haven been DIY’s. I […] Read more…