7 categories of craft supplies for beginner crafters


I love crafting. I don’t even have to tell that since it’s one of the reasons I started this blog :). When I initially started crafting I didn’t know what are the basic supplies I needed to make different projects. With lot of excitement I ended up buying many different tools and materials which were unrelated and ended up costing more to make beginner projects. I have made a list of 7 Must have craft supplies for beginner crafters here.

If you are just starting to craft, this list of must have craft supplies for beginner crafters will help to have your own small stash of materials and tools which you can use to make super fun, simple and inexpensive crafts.

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1. Cutting Tools

Craft supplies list with scissors and X-acto knife


Scissors are one of the craft supplies you definitely need in your stash! Even if you don’t have any fancy cutters or punches, you can still make use of the scissors to cut almost anything to make simple crafts. I have listed few scissors here. You can just buy one and add few later to your collection.

X-acto knife

X-acto knives helps in making a precision cut on heavy materials like cardboards, foam boards and more. You can use this on paper, fabric, thin plastic and metal. If you have lot of curves in your design where it gets difficult to cut with a scissor, you can definitely use X-acto knife to cut out the design. Make sure you put something hard (preferably cutting mat) below the material you want to cut with X-acto knife. You can use some cardboard for now before investing in a cutting mat.

2. Adhesives

Craft supply list with Glue gun and Tacky glue

Glue Gun and Glue sticks

Glue gun is one of the supplies I can’t live without! Before I started using glue gun, I was extremely intimidated by it! Once I started using it for my projects, I have never looked back. Here is a mini version and full sized Glue gun with sticks. I currently use a mini glue gun.

This is most useful when you don’t want to wait for something to stick and want to finish the project immediately. You can almost glue anything like paper, thin plastic, wood, fabric and more. If you want to buy only one from the list of adhesives, I highly recommend you buy this.

Mod Podge

Mod Podge is an all in one glue, sealer and finish. It is mostly used in art projects and crafts. This is water-based and non-toxic. It has different finishes for different projects. I recommend you buy a small pack of all kinds of mod podge to try on different projects before buying the one you use the most. You can use it for making home decor projects, different crafts, fashion projects, Jewelry and more.

Tacky glue

Tacky glue is an all purpose glue which is thicker than school glue. It is non-toxic and dries permanent and clear. You can use this  on paper, thin plastic, wood, fabric, thin metal, glass and ceramics. I have used this on many of my daughter’s school projects where fabric was involved. Since Hot glue dries very hard on fabric, I have used tacky glue on all the projects with fabric.

3. Tapes

Craft supply with washi tapes

Clear tape

Clear tape is the most common tape used in many paper crafts. This is transparent and almost invisible which is great when you want your projects to have a clean finished look. When I run out of double sided tape, I roll these up in a small circle for a quick fix. This is a must have in your craft supply collection. You can easily write on these tapes with sharpie pens and use it as stickers on party supplies! Go ahead and grab few of these for your simple and fun craft projects.

Washi tape

Washi tape is a decorative masking tape made out of paper. It comes in many different patterns and colors with an adhesive made of acrylic, rubber or silicone. This can be used in lots of decorative projects and have become super popular over the years! These are also reusable, inexpensive and easily comes off from all the surfaces without leaving any residue behind. You can use these in many Home decor projects, Party decorations and Kids projects.

Double sided tape

Double sided tapes are used when you want to attach two pieces without it being visible from the outside. It comes in many thickness and adhesive power. Here, I’m listing a clear one just like the clear tape but have adhesive on both sides for simple projects.

Masking (painter’s) tape

Masking tape also popularly known as painter’s tape is used to mask the area which you don’t want to paint. It is made out of paper and easily tearable. You can use these in many projects which involves paint to make your unique designs. If you want to make stripes, zigzags, many geometric shapes, these are super useful  for the projects. You can easily remove these without leaving any residue. Go ahead and buy these to make your never ending creative projects.

4. Paper

Craft supply Card stock paper, tissue paper, construction paper and gift wrap paper


Cardstock is thicker than the normal copy paper. It comes in many colors, textures, finishes and thickness. I use Card stock papers for making cards, party printables, party backdrops, stickers and many Home decor projects like giant paper flower, wall art and more. You can see few of my projects here made with cardstock.

Tissue paper

Decorative tissue papers are very thin and crisp and can be used to make small projects like flowers, pom poms, gift wraps and more. The colors bleed through the paper and commonly used in easy art projects. Keep different colors in your stash to make your own party and Home decor projects.

Construction paper

Construction paper are little thicker than copy paper and great for many projects to make with kids. It is easy to cut and fold just like normal copy paper but comes in many different colors. It is easy to glue with just normal school glue or glue stick. Here is one of the projects I have done with Construction paper.

Gift wrap paper

Gift wrap paper comes in many thickness and many finishes. Since it comes in a big roll, you can make giant paper projects with these! Make big flowers, big party backdrops, use as table cover and more! Here is one of the projects I have done with a Gift wrap paper.

5. Paints

Craft supply with Acrylic craft paint and glitter

Craft (Acrylic) paint

The most commonly used paint for craft projects are the acrylic paint which can be used on paper, wood, ceramic, styrofoam, metal, fabric. Usually these are quick drying. Craft acrylic paints are water soluble but becomes water resistant once its dry. This is the most versatile paint which can be used for many creative projects. Here is one of the projects I have used these paints.


I know this is not a paint but I have included this since you can use glitter glue or loose glitter on craft paint for making your projects look more fun and creative!

6. Writing

Sharpie pens

Sharpie pens are extremely useful in making so many crafts with paper, canvas, ceramic, wood, plastic, fabric, leather, glass and more! The only thing is to know what kind of sharpie to use. Sharpie Oil based paint markers are best to use on the materials listed above. This link will provide lots of inspiration for your projects using these Sharpie pens.

Normal Pencil and eraser (To write easier designs)

Normal Pencil and erasers are super useful for writing a template on your crafts which can be erased or cut for making projects. You will definitely have this inexpensive supplies at home.

7. Tieing

Craft supply with baker's twine, ribbons and embroidery thread

Baker’s twine

Baker’s twine has become a sort of style statement for the natural rustic look in your craft projects. Use these for gift wrapping, hanging your beautiful banner or craft projects, make ornaments, cards, embroidering, to bind a book as I did here!


Colorful ribbons are so fun to use in your craft projects! You get many different width, textures and colors. Make sure you buy the right width for the project you are planning. These can be used in small kids projects, party decor and many home decor ones.

Embroidery thread and needle

Just like normal pencil and erasers I always recommend to keep these simple embroidery thread and needle accessible for lots of fun decorative projects.

Gift box with all the Craft supplies for beginner crafters

How about making a gift box with the listed 7 Must have craft supplies for beginner crafters for your friend or family member!

If you really have to choose only one thing from each of the 7 categories, I highly recommend Scissors, Glue gun and sticks, clear tape and washi tape (ya I know its 2 things from the category! how can I resist a good decorative tape:)), Card stock in assorted colors, Craft acrylic paint, Sharpie pens and baker’s twine!

Hope this list will inspire you to start making crafts now! I would love to see your beginner projects with the craft supplies you used from this list. Don’t forget to share your projects with me here or on my facebook page.


7 categories of craft supplies for beginner crafters

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  1. Such a great list!!! I’m not a crafter at all. In fact, crafting just creates anxiety with me 😰😰 My Kids, on the other hand, LOVE crafting. Seeing this list organized, helped me to compartmentalize the mess. Thank you!!!

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