DIY handmade book in rainbow colors

This is a very simple coloring book which is easy to carry for kids to color, write notes with no fuss. I hand-stitched these books as a gift to my daughter’s classmates to give with Christmas themed crayons

These can be made with few plain sheets of paper and threads you have at home! Let’s see how to make these.


  1. Construction paper
  2. Printer paper
  3. Needle and embroidery thread. You can also use ribbons, baker’s twine.


  1. Fold the A4 size Construction paper making it 5.5 x 8 size.
  2. Fold 5 sheets of white printer paper similarly. This will give you 10 sheets to make a book.
  3. Arrange all the paper, aligning the center folds as shown.
  4. Now follow the directions in the image to stitch the book with thread and needle. Insert the threaded needle into the direction of ‘1’, pull the thread inside the book and insert through direction ‘2’ from the inside of the book to the outside. Pull the thread and insert the needle into direction ‘3’ from the outside to the inside of the book. Pull the thread and insert the needle through the direction of ‘4’(also the center hole) from inside to outside of the book.
  5. You will find 2 loose ends of the threads outside. Secure the thread on the outside of the book by tying a knot.

These make a great kid’s gift for Christmas, birthdays or travel. DIY fun shaped crayons with these will help you keep the little ones busy for a very long time!


DIY handmade book in rainbow colors


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  1. A great, easy and very fast project for party favors, classroom gifts, or anytime gifts that children will LOVE to help make, and will LOVE to receive! All they add are their imaginations and creativity! Thanks for this terrific idea.

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